If you're searching for Scott Siskind...

I am Scott Siskind from Ann Arbor, Michigan. There used to be more things on this webpage. Right now I'm using it to spread the message that there are multiple statements being falsely attributed to me on the Internet.

Somebody who doesn't like me - I am not sure who, but I work in mental health and guess this is sort of a professional hazard - has been trying to systematically discredit me by posting racist and profanity-laden things under my name. Some of the comments make some effort to convince, like linking back to my website.

The end result is that if you Google me to try to find out what I am like, you will probably end up seeing angry racist profanity-laden comments made under my name. These are not mine.

I endorse the following sites as genuinely about me or by me:

Quantified Health Prize Results: Scott Siskind

Overcoming Bias: Hail Scott Siskind

MetaMed: Scott Siskind

Thank you for your consideration.